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Rodeo Events

So, before we talk about each individual rodeo event, we need to talk about the two categories in which they fall in; Roughstock Events and Timed Events.

What do saddle bronc riders, bareback riders, and bull riders all have in common? Well that we call them “roughies” of course! All three of these events fall under the “roughstock” category in which the rider and the animal are both scored up to 50 points, for a combined total score of up to 100 points. This is where the rider has to cover their animal to “make eight”… aka, make the eight second whistle in order to be scored. Anything less than eight seconds results in a no score.

Some rough stock vocabulary that you should know…

 • Covering - to stay on for eight seconds. Ex.) “He covered all three broncs he rode last weekend!”

 • Roughies - a slang term for rough stock riders

 • Roughstock - the bucking horses and bulls used in the bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, and bull riding events. These animals are usually bred and raised specifically for this job.

 • Rank - an adjective of praise and respect used to describe especially challenging roughstock. Ex.) “Man, that bull was rank!”

Did you learn something new from this post? Tune in tomorrow as we explain times events! We’d love your feedback! What event do you want us to talk about first?

If you haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, you can grab them here!

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